On your first day we will sit together to map out your workouts for the first month, after which we will evaluate your progress and tailor your workouts to meet your needs.  We want you to not only meet your goals, but to exceed them.

Gym's get boring, workouts get boring, that's why we believe it's best to have constant check-in's, and a minimum of 4 one on one trainer sessions per month.  You will see results.

Small group classes allow our trainers to focus more on you, while at the same time having your peers around you pushing you harder.  You will sweat, your muscles will burn, you will get an amazing workout!


Reduction in Body Fat

If you are looking for body fat reduction we can help tailor your workout to focus a higher proportion on HIIT like workouts similar to Insanity or P90X3.

Bulk program

Some people are considered Hard Gainers, or for clients that want to bulk we can not only create the right workout plan for you but also suggest an eating plan too


With a masters degree in physiotherapy I can not only help you rehab from an injury or surgery, I can also monitor you to discuss injury prevention tips.

Race Training

If you have a race in the near future we can tailor your workouts to help you cross that finish line faster and in better shape.


Eating right is one of the most important parts of a good workout routine, we can help set you on the path to healthy eating.


While we aren't a huge space, we can do small group workouts to help your team or your friends with an excellent workout


Location: 3170 W 32nd St
Cleveland, OH 44109

Phone: 216-443-4343

Email: [email protected]

Recent Posts

How Shorty’s Caters to our Clients

Shorty’s on 32nd prides itself on how we treat our clients.  We’ve all been members of many gyms and have had different positive and negative experiences from dirty gyms and rude trainers, to spa like experiences and amazing trainers, so we understand what works and what doesn’t, so aside from making sure we have a nice clean gym full of amazing and well trained individuals, we have several items that we think sets us apart from the other gyms.

  1.  Free lockers for all.  In our locker room we let our clients register a locker with us for you to use throughout your membership.  This means you no longer need to bring your sweaty clothes home, carry a large duffle with your shoes, or pay extra for the convenience of a locker. When you become a member you can just leave your gear at the club in your own locker.
  2. Building on number one we also offer complimentary laundry service.  Just bag your dirty clothes in the numbered bag we provide and place into a laundry bin.  The bag will be washed overnight and delivered to your locker before you arrive the next day
  3. Free Classes!  Yes, every class we offer will be free to our members.  So that means our spinning class, our 2 yoga classes, our 30 minute HIIT it lunchtime class, and many more will be free to all members
  4. 1 free training session a month.  Our trainers will work with you every month to check your stats, talk with you about your goals, and help design a solid workout plan for the month.  If you want to increase the face time we do offer add on packages for a small fee, but for most the monthly meeting will be more than enough
  5. 4 massages for free each year.  Our spa services are top notch, so why not work out those kinks and knots every quarter with our trained masseuse

We work really hard to make Shorty’s on 32nd stand out from the rest so you feel you have a place to not only call home, but a place you look forward to each day, a place where you can get into the best shape of your life, and find that we offer more benefits than any other gym in the Cleveland area.

A Guide to our Workout Room

For those new to lifting weights, or people that have only done cardio based classes, I wanted to give a primer to how to use my two favorite pieces of equipment as I find a lot of my clients are unsure of how to get the most out squat racks and bench presses.  I spend a lot of time explaining how to use each area, so this will be the guide I point my new clients to.

Squat Rack

Getting right into the meat first, I love the squat rack.  There was a poll I read once that asked body builders which piece of equipment they would want if they could only have one while stranded on a desert island and they chose a squat rack.  It’s a versatile piece of equipment as you can do a lot of different exercises, from squats, to presses, to holding the bar in between arm curls.

I found a great set of instructions and pictures here on how to perform a squat using the squat rack


  1. Place the bar on the rack below shoulder level. When the bar is loaded, step under it and place it on the back of your shoulders (just below the neck).
  2. Grip with both hands at either side. Lift the bar off the rack by pushing towards the ceiling with your legs and straighten your body.
  3. Step back from the power rack and position your legs shoulder width apart, toes pointing slightly outwards. Keep your head up and maintain a straight back and tight core.
  4. Lower the bar by bending at the knees and hips maintaining a straight posture with your head up. Continue squatting down until parallel.
  5. Finally, raise the bar by pushing through the floor with the heels of your feet, straightening your legs again and returning to the starting position.

Bench Press

One of the most used piece of equipment, but another one that people get a little nervous before using for the first time, plus it’s usually very intimidating as the Bench is always in the middle of the room where it’s very visible to everyone working out.

One thing to remember is to always add plates to each side 1 at a time, you never want to add 3 plates to one side as it will be unbalanced and could easily tip over.

To do a proper flat bench press always make sure you have a spotter at the ready, then you will push up to unrack the bar from the machine so your arms are straight above your chest, feet firmly planted on the floor.  When you bring the bar down to your chest keep your elbows toward your side.  A lot of people tend to flare their elbows out but this, over the long haul, will give your elbows and shoulders a lot of problems.  Bring the bar down to your chest, and then push up.  Make sure you don’t lock out your elbows and bring it back down again.


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